Baby Steps

2 10 2010

Will anybody read this? Why bother? Is what I have to say going to be of value to anyone? While I have a vision in mind as to where I’d like to see this experiment go I wonder how long it’ll take to get there. Do I have the discipline to keep the conversation going once I start engaging?  So many questions… Feels like alot of chatter going on in my head cluttering the path to a clear view of where I’m heading, but as Lao-Tzu says, “a journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.”

So, as I gain familiarity with the nunaces of creating a compelling blog, which includes learning the ins and outs of using WordPress, I hope you’ll hang in there with me. Perhaps we’ll learn a few things together.  And, there’s an open invitation for you to provide input and feedback through comments, etc.

What I know at the moment is that this blog will be largely focused on just a few topics; photography and fatherhood being the main ones. Will I become known as a “Daddy blogger” who is also a photographer or vice versa is something we’ll have to figure out along the way. As I sit here writing I think each informs the other equally. 

A companion site to this blog, I have my photography website which I continue to tweak with updates every once in while. A change soon coming is an improved “ABOUT” section and think the same content will be worth sharing here on the blog, so watch out for that.

Before I sign off though, what do you think about the name, Durable Meaning? For me, the name describes the intention with which I approach my role as Dad, as photographer, as well as blog author. 

I’d like to believe my parenting (along with my wife’s) is leaving a constructive  impression on the boys, providing them with guidance and love to help them derive a life filled with meaning and satisfaction.  Similarly, I’d like to believe my photography provides my clients with a collection of images which are treasured because they capture a meaningful milestone. And, perhaps even this blog will eventually provide some enduring meaning for readers – we’ll see.